Wednesday, 11 January 2012


My sister just had a baby.. A beautiful little girl called Amelia shes so cute! Karagh looks sooo big beside her! Cant help bit feel a bit sad tho, every one around me is having healthy babies while mine is suffering.. So unfair, thats life tho nothing we do or say will change whats happening with my baby.. Life can be so cruel sometimes.. Maybe im just feeling this way because Karagh has had chemo the last 3 days, i hate when she gets chemo, it breaks my heart because it makes everything very real when she is getting it.. On the way to the hospital i was sitting in the back of the car with her and she looked so sad :( i hate this, wish it was all over.. We have a break now from chemo until the 30th of Jan..


  1. Hey Sarah i remember when my mam was going through Chemo its very tough on everyone involved. But we are now 6 years on and mam is doing well. So head up stay strong and everything will work out..

  2. Hi. I see you also follow my wife Kezia and I's blogs. We are sending positive energy your way. I remember days that we were driving to the hospital for Saoirse to get her chemo and I just knew she knew. She was such a little trooper. She was tough and had very little side effects besides vomiting. It breaks my heart Karagh has to go through this and that you and your family has to as well. It stopped our lives and turned our world upside down. It seems you are a very strong person and keep fighting away. Kezia and I want you to email us .. our email is We have a question of your

  3. Hiya Karagh Is Such A Fighter !! Tell Your Sister I Said Congrats And Keep Fighting Coz She is Strong And Will Make It Through This ,,Praying For You And Your Family And On The 30th Of Jan Which Is My Birthday I Will Take Some Time To Think Of Her
    Good Luck!
    Stay Strong!
    Keep Your Head Up And Smile!!!!
    xx xx xx xx