Friday, 6 January 2012

Life as we know it...

Adapting to life as a new mammy is hard. Getting used to night feeds, changing nappies, doing bottles, knowing when the baby is hungry, tired etc. Now add on learning what levels your baby's blood should be at, what medication she is on, what times and how often she has to get specific types of medicine. Going to hospital once a week to have her bloods checked and her bandage on her Freddie changed. Bringing her to Dublin every 3 weeks to watch her having chemo. Its hard, exhausting and heart breaking. But I wouldn't swap her for the world. When we bring Karagh out now we have to have her covered in her buggy with her rain cover to keep any germs or infections away from her as her immune system is so low. I hate when we go shopping now because we have to leave her at home - she should be out with us, but we cant take the chance of her catching anything. 

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