Saturday, 18 February 2012

Karagh had a bad week. Poor chicken has rotavirus infection :( we ended up in hospital with her, we got home today. Its the first time since she was diagnosed that she was properly sick, she was drained from it all, hate seeing her like that. She is in much better form now! Have to say she is very lucky, its been our first admission to the hospital with her since diagnosis!

We are so frustrated that her CT scan which was scheduled for Monday had to be cancelled. I hope we aren't waiting to long for a new date! We are really anxious to know what our next step is with Karagh's protocol. On the upside Karagh is home with us,nothing better than seeing her in her cot beside us :)

We have been following a lot of stories on Facebook & blogger of other kids who are fighting cancer. We are praying for little RJ now as he is not good. His mam updated her facebook and she is praying for comfort and peace for RJ during his last days. We are doing the same. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Here is a picture we wanted to share. This was taken 5 days after Karagh was diagnosed. We were being taught how to bath Karagh with out getting her "Freddie" wet. Karagh normally loves the bath but this day she decided she wanted to have a bottle while in the bath. So here we are! They say theres a first for everything! :)

More updates later x

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  1. You're proving yourself to be amazing Sarah!