Monday, 20 February 2012

Looking back

This is the first photo that was taken of Karagh, she was just a few hours old. I remember this day like it was yesterday, for two reasons. The pain was unbearable lol and it was the day my life changed. She was so perfect when she was born! So soft and small. The other ladies in the ward with us couldn't believe how good she was never crying feeding great and sleeping great (their babies were screamers!!) Karagh was always such a quiet baby. Now she is babbling away and shouting and screaming she's so funny. 

I had a rough time after having Karagh. When she was 3 weeks old I ended up in hospital myself. I hemorrhaged really bad, nearly died. Then Karagh had her first admission to hospital. As im writing this Karagh is in her activity centre. There is a frog on it that she always find hilarious. Sits laughing at it for ages. Keith is up in bed he stayed awake last night with Karagh. She was just about asleep last night in her cot and she had a huge vomit and covered the whole cot & herself. So she ended up sleeping in our bed.

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