Friday, 24 February 2012

Quick update

Just a little update on our day today, it was a good day. We didn't get up to much. Went for a little walk down town, it was a nice day out. Karagh was in great form today and ate well. She had dinner, a yogurt and tea aswel as 13.5ounces :)

As i'm writing this she is fast asleep beside me in her cot :) One thing i've noticed about her lately is she sweats sooo much at night time! Last night i took her bottoms and socks off her to see if it would cool her down but she was still the same. She has no temp but is sweating. Anyone else ever noticed this happen before?

Tomorrow myself & Karagh are off to Dublin for the day with my mam, my nephew Eoghan & my niece Amelia. Its nice to get out for the day and to visit some family. We have a party to go to tomorrow night too. Its Keith's brothers birthday party. It should be a good night :)

Thats all for now night everyone! xx


  1. I always had issues with Wilson sweating but he is like his father and doesn't sleep with much on as he gets hot really fast.

    For example, last year we had really low temps dipping into the negative numbers. I'd be leaving the house for work and as I peek in at Wilson before I left, he would only have a cover over his feet while the rest was uncovered.

    1. its crazy Clara the room would be a nice temp for us and Karagh's pillow does be so wet!