Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mixed emotions

This week has been one filled with ups & downs.
Karagh spent the first half of the week getting herself back to normal after having the rotavirus infection. She is much better now. Her feeding is starting to pick up again. She lost 300grams from having the infection.
Today we took ourselves up to Crumlin for her CT scan. We were the first ones there which was great, Karagh's form wasnt too bad considering she was fasting. She did really well up until the nurse came in with the Ng tube! She cried that much that her voice went hoarse i felt soo sorry for her. Then they didnt even need the tube so it was put in for nothing!! She took the sedation well and the scan was over and done with very quickly. Dr. Michael Capra came to see us while we there and said that we wont have the results till next Friday :( thats a full week of a wait! Its not as if were waiting on a simple exam result its the result taht will tell us if our daughter will have major surgery! Oh well all we can do is wait! We left the hospital today feeling pretty good and hoping for a good result from this CT. Here is a picture from todays visit to OLCHC.

When we got home from hospital Karagh was asleep & Keith went for a lie down, he was tired after doing the driving today. I was relaxing and having a flick through facebook. I went onto RJ's page to check up on him and see how he was today. My heart broke, his mam had literally just updated saying he had passed :( Poor lil RJ cant stop thinking of him. He has no more pain and is flying high with the angels now. Sleep well litlle man and keep an eye over all the other kids who are still fighting against cancer xx Here is a picture of little RJ, anyone who reads this please keep him & his family in your thoughts and prayers. xx


  1. My heart broke when I ready about RJ. Praying for good news come next week. Know you have A LOT of people pulling for your family.

  2. My heart breaks for RJ, Saiorse and all babies who have fought or are fighting cancer. I will pray for your beautiful baby. She is just precious. I pray things start to improve for her. Hang in there.