Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My girl

I love writing in my blog. As soon as I sit down to start to write my mind draws a blank. I was like that in school too, especially when it came to my exams, I always knew what to write but never knew where to start. That's how I am with my blog I have tons in my head that I want to put down then I sit for about 10 mins staring at a blank screen and I end up closing it down. I'm afraid I'll word things wrong, or it will sound stupid when other people read it. I always feel there is a specific way of writing a blog. So now I've decided I'm just going to write what I want.

Life is good right now. Karagh is doing really great :) She is really coming on she's a little fatso now!! Her hair is growing back too! Its looking like it will be very blonde but who knows it could be black in a few weeks ha. She is eating really well, so well that she is waking 3 and 4 times a night for more!! Little rascal. She is trying to sit up on her own too. She looks so funny doing it, we say she is doing her ab crunches haha, she will have a great toned belly in no time! We are really enjoying having our lives back now, doing things together that every other family does! Simple things like going into a shop and not pulling the rain cover over her. I always felt so mean doing that, it was as if we were saying no Karagh you cant see anything. Horrible. Thank god we don't have to do it anymore :)

We are meeting with Michael, Karagh's oncology consultant on the 27th of March. I am going to ring tomorrow to arrange for her CT scans to be there. I want to see her first and last one to be shown the difference. Not that I don't trust them but just to put my own mind at ease. To see the results myself with this NED more real. if that makes sense?

Here is a picture of Karagh's "blonde hair" :)

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  1. What a little beauty and those eyes, my god, she'll break hearts. As a parent I can't imagine what ye've been through but know that I think ye have done an amazing job and it's because of ye're strength and courage that ye have a trooper like Karagh xx She is truely blessed to have parents like ye. I'm sending her kisses and hugs which I'm sure her mammy will only be too happy to give her for me :-) God bless ye all xx