Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A few thoughts

"We have found a mass on Karagh's spine."
"It might be cancerous."
"Karagh has cancer."
I will never forget these days for the rest of my life. Every time I think of them my heart sinks.
People say to me how did you do it, and I don't have an answer to give. We didn't have a choice but to do it. We had to sit and watch our 3 month old daughter be pumped with chemo that made her sick, we had to watch her be sedated numerous times for scans & tests, we had to watch her be put under anaesthetic for her biopsy, bone marrow aspirates and central line insertion. We had no choice. We wanted Karagh better and this was the only way possible. Parents should never have to watch their child go through this. Many times I thought to myself, give it to me instead. I would have gone through it a million times over rather than see Karagh have to deal with it.
Why Karagh? Why any child? Cancer is an unfair monster that robs children of their childhood. Karagh lost 3 months of her life to this monster. She is lucky, a lot of kids loose their entire life. Cancer robs their future. When I look at Karagh I realise how lucky we are. Karagh could have been robbed of her life like so many other kids. She could have lost her entire life.
I feel guilty when I talk to other parents that have lost their child to cancer, or to a parent whose child is still fighting cancer. I want them all to be like Karagh. To be on the other side of the battle with the trophy. The trophy being their life.

Karagh is my hero. 6 months old and a childhood cancer survivor. She still has a long road ahead. She is NED. I cannot wait for the day she is declared all clear.
After 2 years she will be declared in remission.
It will be 5 years until she is declared all clear. I can see the day already.
Because I know in my heart and soul its over. She wont have to ever go through this again.

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