Thursday, 19 April 2012

Having Freddy out!

So tomorrow is the day that Karagh will have her Freddy removed. We are so happy that its going to be gone for 2 reasons, its really starting to irritate Karagh's skin and she pulls at it alot especially in the bath! And it will really hit home that its over. As I said we are really happy to have it removed but I am dreading tomorrow. I hate seeing Karagh be put asleep, she will be under full anesthetic and will be in surgery to have it removed. They said it should not take long but the minutes always seem to drag when she is having anything done, especially anything with the word "sedation" involved. I will have to bring her into theatre and hold her down on the bed while the doctors put a mask on her face to gas her to sleep. Hate the thoughts of it :(

Please keep Karagh in your prayers for tomorrow, I will update when its all done xxx

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